A letter to my Yoga teacher

Dear Tabata,


I’m writing this letter to you as your student - or for you, as my teacher. Normally I try to avoid talking to you too much about what is going on in my body and in my mind unless it is kind of ‘serious’.

Because, as your friend and business partner, I know how busy you are and how much you give every single day to your students and what a big part of your life you dedicate to doing what you do. Not only being in the studio teaching and adjusting, but also giving advice, sharing your knowledge and experiences, filling the space around you with love and positivity, always listening to your students and even receiving and answering phone messages sometimes until late into the night - despite how early your days start.


But I would like to share some things with you here.


Practicing Ashtanga Yoga is accompanied by constant changes. Every practice is different, every day is different. Practicing daily has made me learn to accept that. My mat is my mirror and my practice is like the reflection. What happens to me outside is reflecting itself in my practice. Stress, happiness, worries, illness. Some days I have a great practice and sometimes it seems like a complete struggle. Sometimes I just have one ‘bad’ day and sometimes I seem to be stuck in a never ending phase of difficulties. Sometimes my shoulder hurts, sometimes I feel my knees, sometimes the muscles in my neck are extremely tight and not to mention my chest and my hips that have not been challenged to open during most of the years of my life.


But since I have you as my teacher, I have grown to know myself so much better. My body and my mind. I have learned to observe and to trust in my body, I have learned to differentiate between pain and other sensations that come with transformation. I have learned to stay calm, be patient and just keep going. I have learned commitment. I have learned to accept things the way they are. Not only on the mat but also outside.


This path is an amazing experience, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for so selflessly giving me and other students the chance to go at it with you. Thank you for sharing everything and for sometimes making me do things that my mind doesn’t want me to do. Thank you for always being strict and demanding but also loving and caring at the same time. Thank you for all the incredible adjustments that you are giving to me. Thank you for being there every day early in the morning with a smile no matter how you feel yourself. You’re the most amazing teacher I’ve ever met! We are so lucky to have you! THANK YOU!


Simone Mattig – Soham Yoga (Barcelona/Gracia)



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