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 Maybe you have always wanted to start practicing Yoga but you find a thousand excuses not to do it.

Maybe you have practiced yoga before and it is hard for you to resume it.

Or maybe you search a change in your practice, something new.


The best moment is always NOW. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for the perfect moment so you can really benefit from the moment you are in right now. Our Soham Yoga Barcelona team is waiting for you! 


You have several options to start with, no matter if you want to dedicate yourself to Ashtanga Mysore or enjoy a guided class. Check our schedule here. All you have to do is to arrive 15 minutes before a guided class starts or contact us before you're coming to Mysore. 


We are a small and cozy studio in the heart of Gracia, with well trained experienced teachers who have an extensive knowledge of anatomy and philosophy. We focus on the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga, a practice which synchronizes breathing with movement to create internal heat to purify the body. In Soham Yoga you will always get personalized attention in small classes.  The most important thing for us is to give you the opportunity to advance in your practice.  


Come now and practice with us at Soham Yoga Barcelona! We are waiting for you! 


What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most popular Yoga styles and was introduced by Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois in 1975 approximately. This Yoga style consists in 6 specific series of postures (asanas) that are made in a continuous way, fluent and conscious. The practitioners move from one posture to another through breathing (inhalation and exhalation) and that synchronization that comes between breathing and the movement is called Vinyasa. In Ashtanga Yoga the order of the postures (asanas) is completely predefined, which distinguishes it a lot from other Yoga styles.

The real goal of Ashtanga Yoga is to maintain the inner concentration through practice. Everyone can practice this yoga style and it is also recommended to those that require a little more discipline and strictness in the yoga practice. 


"If the Ashtanga yoga method works for you then practice it with love and gratitude”. Many people ask me why ashtanga yoga is always the same? If I don’t get bored of doing the same postures day by day? Another thing they tell me is, that the first series are just push-ups and that in other classes they do more advanced postures… my answer is very simple: this method has worked for me in every sense, it has helped me to evolve in my own life, it has helped me to understand that no matter how much you repeat the same thing each day it is always different and that way I have been more disciplined, one thing that I could have never achieved in my life for how scattered I tend to be.


The primary series of Ashtanga yoga has everything to open and strengthen your body, I know many people who do different classes with really advanced postures and they still feel stuck in their practice. Practicing more advanced postures doesn’t make you a better yogi, there are many things which distract us, so we easily lose the intention of the practice and our mind remains equally dispersed. Connect with yourself! 

 Frequently asked questions about Yoga in Barcelona


Here we would like to answer the most common questions about our classes and how to prepare yourself for the classes. 


Why sign-up for yoga? 


Yoga is an ancient curative practice that is becoming more popular each day in our modern and stressful world as a powerful way to stretch and strengthen the body, relax and calm the mind, increase energy and lift up the spirit. 

Yoga is a powerful way of the mind-body medicine which in a holistic way focuses on health, and acknowledges that physical illnesses also have emotional and spiritual components. The yoga tools are the postures, the breathing methods and meditation, that together work to balance and integrate the mind, the body and the spirit. We should practice yoga to find an inner balance and that way the rest of the universe.


 Should I be flexible and strong? 


Without a doubt, being flexible and strong is fantastic. But always remember: having a regular yoga practice will make you strong and flexible. So you don’t need to be flexible and strong to start practicing yoga. Sri K. Phatthabi Jois, who introduced Ashtanga Yoga in 1975, used to say ‘Practice and all is coming'.


Which are the benefits of yoga?


 There are many benefits of yoga. A regular yoga practice will increase the muscular strength, flexibility and blood flow. It increases your immunologic system, your energy and it helps you to concentrate. It reduces anxiety and helps you be more conscious and breathe better. Yoga also helps you to eliminate toxins in your body, improves your balance and teaches you about getting to know yourself. To make it simple: yoga makes you feel better!


How do I start if I never before practiced Yoga?


 We have some guided classes for yoga beginners: Ashtanga level 1, but we definitely recommend Mysore for beginners. It’s perfect to start. Please, read ‘what is the self-practice of Mysore’? If you have doubts, contact us so we can recommend to you the adequate classes for your level. 


How do I prepare myself for my Yoga class?


Use comfortable clothes like leggings and a t-shirt. Maybe you also want to bring something to keep you warm during the final relaxation of the class, for example, a cardigan and socks. Don’t eat anything heavy 2-3 hours before planning to do yoga, since you could feel very uncomfortable when doing push-ups, forward bends, torsions and other postures. The lighter you feel the better your practice will be. Turn off your phone before entering the class. During the menstrual cycles in women we recommend to leave practice during the most intense days. 


What happens if I have pain or a previous injury?


If you were injured and/or feel pain, inform your teacher about your condition before the class begins. They could adjust according to your needs. 


Should I bring my mat to the practice in the study?


In Soham Yoga Barcelona we have some mats available, if you don’t yet have your own yoga mat. Generally, we recommend students to bring their own mat. We are glad to keep it for you in Soham Yoga Barcelona, so you can use it each time you come to practice. 


if you have more questions about Yoga in Barcelona, Gracia you can also send us an email to or call us at 603554502 (Tabata) or 651589730 (Simone)


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